Fall Registration is now open!

Classes are fully scheduled and you can use the button below to sign your children up!

New Families Fall 2023 Scheduling Survey!

Families that had children in classes Spring 2023, please check your email and use the Google survey link that I sent you there. Everyone else, Please fill out the survey below asap so that I can do my best to make sure that your child gets a spot for next fall!

– Fall Online Live Spanish Classes will begin September 6th. No classes on Nov. 22 & 23, Dec. 22-31. Fall semester classes will finish on January 19th. The spring semester will begin the following week. You are welcome to take extra breaks when needed and will have access to recordings of any missed classes as well as weekly extra practice activities. 
– Classes will take place twice per week for 30 minutes each class.
– Classes take place over Zoom.
– Classes cost $15 per student per week + $10 per additional sibling per week.

Expedition Spanish classes are fun and effective! Our students learn extremely fast and LOVE classes! Let’s get started on these Spanish-speaking adventures!
-Señor Wolf

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