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Expedition Spanish Beginner Class #59
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Flor Virtual Background
Repitan- ¡Yo puedo!
Poder video + vocab sheet
Game Instructions

Instrucciones: On the next slide, you will play a quiz game! Use the big red play button at the top of each question to watch the video before answering each question!

Video Quiz
Flor y tú?
Story Vocab Repeat

The jungle- la selva
Thinks- piensa
I don’t know- No sé
Tries- intenta
The owl- El búho
To fly - volar
We know- nosotros sabemos

Drawing Instructions

Instrucciones: Get out a blank piece of paper and some drawing supplies! On the next slide, you are going to listen to me read you a short story in Spanish! While you listen, your job is to draw as much as you can figure out in the story!! This is going to be really tricky, and that's okay! Just do your best and then for your next self-paced class, you will listen to the story again with the pictures so that you can check and see how you did with your own drawing!

Story Drawing

Instrucciones: Once your drawing supplies are ready to go, click the big blue play button below to start listening to the story while you draw as much as you can figure out!

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Hasta Luego

Instrucciones: How close do you think your drawings were to the story? How much do you think you understood? Come back for your next self-paced class later this week to see the whole book read as a story with pictures so that you can check your answers! ¡Buen trabajo amigos! ¡Hasta luego!

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