How to Make the Most out of Expedition Spanish Classes for Your Homeschool Children

As a homeschooling parent, you understand the importance of providing your children with a well-rounded education. The opportunity to learn Spanish with our live homeschool Spanish classes will change your child’s life! If you’ve chosen Expedition Spanish classes for your homeschool curriculum, congratulations on making a great choice! In this blog post, we will discuss some strategies to maximize the benefits of our classes to enhance your children’s language learning journey and keep them motivated to learn for years to come! Links to all of the resources listed in this article can be found in the constantly updated Parent Resources Page.

1. Attend Classes On Time and Watch Recordings

To make the most out of Expedition Spanish classes, homeschool parents should ensure that their children attend every class on time. Consistency is key in language learning. However, we understand that life happens and homeschoolers love a field trip and some adventure! Sometimes classes may be missed and that is okay too! In these cases, please make use of the class recordings provided by Expedition Spanish. This way, children can catch up on any missed content and stay on track with their learning. Again, links to all of the resources listed in this article can be found in the constantly updated Parent Resources Page.

2. Weekly Extra Practices

In addition to regular classes, Expedition Spanish provides live class students with free weekly extra practices. Make a plan to incorporate these practices into your children’s routine every week! Consistent practice reinforces what is learned in class, helps build fluency, and boosts confidence in using the language.

3. Patience and Long-Term Perspective:

Learning a language is a journey that takes time and effort. Both parents and children need to be patient and encouraging with their progress! Remind your children that learning a language is extremely difficult, and that is okay! Expedition Spanish is here to make that journey fun so that students stay engaged and want to continue their language-learning adventures and see them through to fluency! It’s okay to make mistakes and that perseverance is key to success.

4. Active Participation in Class:

Talk to your children about what being an active participant looks like in class. One of the most common occurrences that can lead to a child’s downfall in any Zoom class is beginning to turn their cameras off. Keeping your cameras on whenever possible is so essential in Zoom classes. This helps the teacher gauge engagement and enables children to fully participate in all of our interactive games and movement activities. Active participation enhances the learning experience and accelerates language acquisition.

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5. Foster excitement for Spanish-speaking cultures outside of class!

Expedition Spanish live homeschool classes are so popular because of how much effort we put into keep children excited about learning Spanish! A big part of this is teaching about amazing Spanish-speaking places and cultures around the world for students to get excited about their own future Spanish adventures! Learning a language involves more than just vocabulary and grammar and you and your children can have a lot of fun exploring the rich diversity of Spanish-speaking cultures together. There are so many rich ways to incorporate this into your homeschool lessons, such as exploring traditional foods, music, art, and history! This not only enhances language learning but also promotes cultural understanding and appreciation.

6. Seek Community Engagement!

Want to really go above and beyond for your children? Seek out opportunities within your community to practice Spanish and to meet and engage with Spanish speakers! Try to find ways to connect with local Spanish-speaking communities, participate in language exchanges, or volunteer to support Spanish-speaking immigrant communities in your area. Real-world interactions reinforce language skills and provide valuable cultural experiences and understanding.


homeschool spanish classes

7. Free Access to our Self-Paced Videos!

Do you know that your live homeschool Spanish class subscription includes free access to our self-paced video program? All you need to do is log in with the account that you created on this website when you signed up for a payment plan and then check out the self-paced video program here. This program is catered more towards younger Spanish learners, but all students could find it useful for reviewing and even more extra practice!


8. Supplement with Outside Resources

While Expedition Spanish provides a comprehensive homeschool Spanish class curriculum, you can supplement your children’s learning with additional resources. Incorporating free language-learning platforms like Duolingo into your child’s routine will supercharge their Spanish learning! Another fun way to add Spanish into your child’s daily lives is to choose a movie or show that they know well and watch it in Spanish! Most streaming platforms make it easy to add Spanish voiceovers. Listening to music in Spanish is another fun way to add Spanish to your daily lives! We even have a kid-friendly Spotify playlist of our favorite Spanish songs that you can find on the Parent Resources Page!



By following these strategies, you can maximize the benefits of Expedition Spanish classes for your homeschool children. Remember to prioritize attendance, engage actively in class, practice regularly, and foster a love for the Spanish language and its diverse cultures. Remember that learning Spanish is not supposed to be easy, and that’s okay! With patience, consistency, and a supportive learning environment, your children will thrive on their language learning journey with Expedition Spanish. ¡Buena suerte! (Good luck!)