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How much are your children loving Spanish classes?

Zoom links for live classes*

*Make sure that you change the zoom profile name to your child’s name or else you will not be let in for safety reasons. Choosing the option to allow me to unmute your children will also make classes go smoother.

Señor Wolf's Zoom Link:


Meeting ID: 838 4305 6205

Señorita Flor's Zoom Link:


Meeting ID: 865 2680 6828

Profe Tania's Zoom Link:

Will be created and sent out by August 26.

School Year Calendar

Live Classes will begin on September 4th, the Wednesday after labor day. All groups meet twice per week for 30 minutes per session, either or Mondays & Wednesdays or Tuesdays & Thursdays.

Thanksgiving break: There will be no classes Wednesday, November 27 or Thursday, November 28. 

Winter break: There will be no live classes for two weeks from December 22- January 2, but we will include one self-paced class for the second week in order to honor the holidays but still give your children some important Spanish practice to be done whenever works best for them.

MLK Jr. Day break & end of fall semester: Instead of live classes, children will have another self-paced class to be done anytime between January 17-21 to give families time to celebrate MLK Jr. Day and for children to take their time reviewing everything from fall semester before we get the spring semester underway!

Spring semester begins January 22 & 23. 

Spring break week: Instead of live classes, families will receive two more self-paced classes the week of April 6-12 to prevent burnout and give your family some flexibility during this popular travel week. 

Memorial day weekend break: May 26 & 27. Usually we try to finish the school year before Memorial Day, but unfortunately holiday dates made it impossible for next school year. Instead, there will be no classes on Monday & Tuesday of Memorial Day weekend, and the last classes of spring semester will be May 28th & 29th.

You are welcome to take extra breaks when needed and will have access to recordings of any missed classes as well as weekly extra practice activities! 

Link to missed class recordings folder:

Recordings of each class will be available for two weeks inside this Google Drive folder: 


Finding the correct class recording is a little confusing. Read this doc for how to find your child’s class recording:


Extra Practices

Use the orange link buttons below to choose the right extra practice page for your children! Refer to the calendar below if you are not sure which week should be completed.


Please put together a Spanish Binder where your children can keep track of all of their Spanish printouts, most of which will be revisited and should not been thrown away. For Beginner, Upper Beginner and Intermediate Levels, the full semester printing packets are ready to print with the buttons below. For the Upper Intermediate level, as these classes are still being planned, your printouts will be emailed out biweekly to monthly, depending on need. The Upper Intermediate button below will be updated with as more printouts are sent out.

Other Supplies & Learning Environment:

Supplies– Printed class materials (see below), blank paper, pencils, some type of colors (crayons, markers, colored pencils, etc.), glue & scissors (if age-appropriate). Headphones are optional but can be very helpful for focusing.

Learning Environment– please have each device set up in an area without distractions. To the best of your ability, please make sure that we cannot hear anything else going on in your house. This includes the TV, parents working in the background or other siblings. Please make sure that students have room to stand up and move (enough room to play charades or do jumping jacks).

How can I best support my children with their Spanish-learning?

  1. Make sure that your children attend as many classes as possible and arrive to class on time.
  2. Help your child get familiar with basic Zoom functions like mute and unmute. 
  3.  Let them know that language-learning is hard and that is okay! Learning a language is not easy! It is okay for your children to feel challenged and even frustrated at times while learning Spanish.
  4. If your child is struggling to focus, encourage them to take a quick ten-second movement break! Count to diez while doing jumping jacks! 
  5. Although it can be tempting, try your best to refrain from helping your children during class with Spanish answers. Many parents make the mistake of occasionally feeding their children answers during live classes. While this is a totally natural instinct, it slowly teaches your child that instead of learning how to answer for themselves the next time, they can just look to a parent or sibling. This can be very harmful to your child’s language acquisition abilities and will take some time to undo once the habit is formed. Instead, when I ask students a question in Spanish, I give them a moment to try to dig into their memory to answer for themselves. If I see that they are struggling to do so, I will intervene by having them repeat part or all of the answer after me. This will help to form the habit that they know they can always give their best shot and then look to their teacher for help if necessary. Learning to speak with a Spanish accent is also extremely important, so repeating after me is essential for students. Again, language learning is hard and that is okay! 
  6. Try out the self-paced video lessons (link above) outside of class if your child needs extra practice with a certain topic.
  7. If you miss a class, make sure to watch the recording (link to shared Drive folder above).
  8. Never hesitate to reach out to me with questions or feedback! I am so determined to see everyone’s children succeed. Let me know if there’s something that may help your child, or ask me if you want ideas for extra practice! Email nate@expeditionspanish.com any time! I try to be extremely responsive. 

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How much are your children loving Spanish classes?