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Intermediate Class #60
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Get out this paper

Instrucciones: ¡Saca este papel! Get out this paper to complete the following activity!

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Full Slide Video
Blank Instructions

Instrucciones: On the next slide, you will take a quiz while listening through the chapter. Use the quiz questions and answers to guide you through the meaning of the story so that you can figure out as much Spanish as possible. When you get questions, wrong, make sure to read the explanation for the right answer before moving onto the next question, or you will not understand the story! Good luck!

Full Screen Game
5 flexiones

Instrucciones: Ahora amigos, ¡drop and give me cinco flexiones!

Listening + Drawing

Instrucciones: Now using the same paper where you wrote down the chapter name, number and 8 vocabulary words, find the section in the middle of the paper with the three squares. When you are ready, you are going to listen to the story once more! This time, imagine that you were hired as an illustrator for this chapter! Your job is to use those three squares on your paper to create a comic strip! Your three drawings should be of what you think are the three main events of this chapter!

When you are ready to begin, click the blue play button below! You can play, pause and rewind the audio as much as you need to! Have fun!!

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The End!
That's all for this week. Nice Work!

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