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online homeschool spanish classes live self-paced after-school
online homeschool spanish classes live self-paced after-school

Live Online Homeschool & After-School Spanish Classes

Different groups for ages 4 to 18!

Our live online Spanish classes are quickly becoming the most recommended homeschool and after-school Spanish classes on the internet! When your children join their first class, it will be easy to see why! Expedition Spanish live homeschool and after-school zoom classes are extremely fun and engaging! Every class includes…

– Movement to keep students engaged

– Fun socializing opportunities in Spanish!

– Cultural mini-lessons to excite children about learning Spanish

– Immersion challenges to boost input and confidence

– Conversation practice with peers to prepare for your own Spanish adventures

– Games and activities because language-learning is FUN!

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How Do Live Classes Work?

What to expect from live classes:

Learning must be fun! If children are not engaged, what is the point in trying to teach them? Every live class includes games and movement run by teachers who are passionate and skilled in making education FUN! Every class also includes an exciting cultural mini-lessons to keep children motivated and excited for their own future Spanish-speaking adventures!

Beginner (first year)

  • The first half of this year is spent helping students build up a solid foundation of the basics.
  • With those basics, we start to dive into more and more immersion challenges, using repetition, visual cues and acting to build strong connections to the most common and important words and phrases in any language! Grammar is learned totally naturally through lots and lots of repetition.

Upper beginner (second year)

  • Deeper immersion through games, books and listening and speaking challenges to continue building those connections. 
  • Beginning to learn more complicated grammar, like how to understand and speak about the past in Spanish and use more complex verbs. We occasionally break into ‘grammar mini-lessons’ here to help our more analytical learners, but then it is back to immersion and repetition for a more natural language acquisition experience.

Intermediate (third year)

  • Continuation of last year, focusing on the most difficult of Spanish concepts with a similar philosophy of grammar mini-lessons as introductions followed by instruction for natural acquisition through repetition and immersion. Students are at a point now where we can have more detailed conversations, begin debating in Spanish, watch and listen to very challenging authentic resources and more.

Year Four and beyond

  • 100% immersion. Games, conversations and authentic cultural resources reach the advanced level.
  • As the program grows, we hope to be able to offer virtual international language exchange programs.
  • Travel opportunities are also a future possibility for older students or students with their families if desired. 

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Classes meet twice per week for 30-minutes each session. Each school year is comprised of two 18-week semesters. There are a few holiday breaks around Thanksgiving and Christmas. Besides that, families can choose to go on vacation or take breaks when they need to and are encouraged to watch the recordings of any classes that they miss. 

All live classes happen over Zoom. If you miss a class, you will have access to a private folder with all of the class recordings of the last two weeks that you can watch on your own time.

Instead of homework, we provide weekly extra practices. Sometimes these are a simple as practicing counting to 100 in Spanish and other times they involve making videos to practice a certain conversation topic. They are optional, but highly recommended and extremely beneficial.

Do children get to engage with other students during the Zoom class?
Yes! One of the many reasons that homeschool families love our program is because of the great social atmosphere as well and students really feel like their Spanish class peers are friends. As their Spanish-speaking skills develop, they get more and more chances to interact and get to know each other in Spanish. We also recognize the importance of building relationships with students, so whenever there are a few minutes left at the end of class, students can break into English to tell each other about their weekends, introduce their pets, etc.
How many students are in each group?
The average number of students per class is around 11, with 14 being the max that any group will have. We have found that this is the perfect number to create a social atmosphere, be able to play lots of team games and still be manageable in a Zoom classroom format, also giving everyone plenty of opportunities to speak and ask questions whenever they want. 
Is it mostly listening and watching the teacher, or is the teacher asking students questions to assess their comprehension of the material?
This is not at all a passive class for students. Students are directly involved in every single activity, can raise their hand to ask a question at any time and will get speaking opportunities every class. We do lots of games and movement breaks as well. Even during listening and immersion activities, there is always an active role for students, such as acting, showing a thumb up or down, showing a certain number of fingers based on prompts, etc. Our classes are all about making Spanish as fun as possible to keep children excited and engaged! 
Are parents involved during the Zoom call?
No parent involvement is required at all. For very young children, like 4 and 5-year-olds, depending on how they are doing in class, we may reach out via email and ask that you check in on your child once or twice during the zoom call, but this is rarely necessary. 
Will there be homework?
We do not assign homework, but each week includes extra practices. These are optional, but highly recommended. For some weeks, these are as simple as practicing vocabulary by repeating after a recording, while others are virtual games or even occasionally making video recordings to practice Spanish skills. Older students at higher levels will eventually get into reading and writing on their own, but any extra practices for younger kids include recordings and videos to listen and follow along. 
How can I see a sample class?
Reach out to nate@expeditionspanish.com if you would like to view a recording of one of last year’s groups to see what classes are like. 

Live Class Interest Form

Use the form below to get in touch with us about getting your kiddos signed up for the next live class session! 

Reviews from some of our many happy online homeschool & after-school Spanish families:

Orange Slide
My 7 year old just finished her first year of Expedition Spanish and it's absolutely amazing to see how much she has learned in such a short amount of time. We are looking forward to continuing next year and highly recommend the program!

-Another happy Expedition Spanish Family

Orange Slide
My 10-year-old is really enjoying learning Spanish with Expedition Spanish. Senor Wolf is a great teacher - he is always enthusiastic and seems to really enjoy teaching. He is also incredibly patient with the younger kids. Highly recommend!

-Another happy Expedition Spanish Family

Orange Slide
We just finished our first year with Expedition Spanish (kids ages 7 and 9). Senor Wolf runs an engaging and immersive zoom class 2x per week for 30 minutes. He has such superb class management skills that all my worries about zoom group experiences went out the window. I can hear the kids happily interacting and participating in every class. Senor Wolf is so calm and pleasant and inclusive to all.
My husband speaks fluent Spanish and I took a few years in high school myself, but we just weren't managing to teach the kids on our own. Having this consistent class through the year helps keep Spanish a priority in our home. We are still able to be a part of their learning process using the free resources he creates and provides that accompany the weekly classes, and some are so funny too so it just adds to the overall enjoyable experience.
And the best part is it's working! The kids are using Spanish phrases all on their own without any prompting.. and it makes our hearts so happy! The immersive/conversational format and cultural appreciation is really helping them to not just learn to speak it, but to also grow a love of the language.
Thanks so much Sr Wolf and I wish you luck as you expand your program!

-Another happy Expedition Spanish Family

Orange Slide
My kids are loving these classes! They are learning so much every week. Thank you!

-Another happy Expedition Spanish Family

This is what the boys and I are doing this school year! It is great and super affordable. The work at your own pace fits perfectly with our fully remote learning this year!

-Another happy Expedition Spanish Family

Orange Slide
Expedition Spanish is awesome!! My daughter has been taking classes with Señor Wolf for 3 years now and absolutely loves it!!! She will be starting her 4th year this fall and can't wait. The classes are very engaging and Señor Wolf even gets them up and moving and plays games with them. I highly recommend Expedition Spanish!!

-Another happy Expedition Spanish Family

We have been THRILLED with your class! The kids love it and I enjoy it so much as well! I love the way you incorporate the culture and how you move slow for my small preschoolers and kindergarteners. They are doing great!

-Another happy Expedition Spanish Family

Orange Slide
There’s not enough Spanish or English words to offer the praise this program deserves! Our children have flourished in the program and they look forward to it. It’s a great way to learn in a fun low pressure environment from the convenience of home or wherever you may be. We’ve joined classes with friends close and family afar. You won’t be disappointed!!!

-Another happy Expedition Spanish Family

The Spanish expedition classes are a blast. We just finished up the first lesson and it was fun for all!

-Another happy Expedition Spanish Family

Orange Slide
I'm impressed at how much my daughter has learned to understand Spanish in just a year! It was fun and engaging while ensuring each child got a chance to be heard.

-Another happy Expedition Spanish Family

My son loved the first lessons in Spanish! Very informative, educational & entertaining!

-Another happy Expedition Spanish Family

Orange Slide
My son just wrapped up his third year with Señor Wolf and each year he loves it more and more. Señor Wolf always does such a wonderful job making his classes interactive, fun, engaging, and age level appropriate for learning! He has a great personality that my son loves and says Señor Wolf is "chévere" 😎. Highly recommend Expedition Spanish!

-Another happy Expedition Spanish Family

Thank you! The kids all loved class today and told me all about your travel photos!

-Another happy Expedition Spanish Family

Orange Slide
We were so fortunate to find Senor Wolf last year. He has so much experience and patience. He also brings such fun and engaging energy to his classes. He uses a variety of ways to learn, movement, games and stories. I highly recommend this class for Spanish learners. Also he is excellent with communication, I’m serious, he replies promptly, he’s thoughtful and professional, which I find very refreshing. If looking for Spanish classes, stop looking and reach out to Senor Wolf!

-Another happy Expedition Spanish Family

I am so excited! Having my kids learn Spanish was a dream of mine for them to start learning when they were young.

-Another happy Expedition Spanish Family

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