Fall Registration is now open!

Classes are fully scheduled and you can use the button below to sign your children up!

Existing Families Spring 2024 Scheduling Survey!

For families that already have children in classes, your child’s class time will remain the same in the spring. As long as this is okay with you and you are planning to return, you can simply click “yes” below and submit! If you need a different time or are not planning to continue, those options are below as well! Señor Wolf will reach out via email if your answer requires a response. ¡Gracias!

– Spring Online Live Spanish Classes will begin January 22 & 23 and conclude on May 23. There will be two ‘self-paced’ lessons included throughout the semester as a way to prevent burnout for your kiddos and give your family time for a spring break! That week is TBA. You are welcome to take extra breaks when needed and will have access to recordings of any missed classes as well as weekly extra practice activities! 

– Classes will take place twice per week for 30 minutes each class.
– Classes take place over Zoom.
– Pricing table below. A full semester-commitment is required at registration because once classes begin, we cannot sell your spot to another family. For monthly and full-semester payment options, see the table below. 

One Student Two Students Three Students Four Students
$15 per week, $67.50 per month or $270 per semester $25 per week, $112.50 per month or $450 per semester $35 per week, $157.50 per month or $630 per semester $45 per week, $202.50 per month or $810 per semester

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