Expedition Spanish Part-Time Teacher Applications Round Two

I am overwhelmed by more than 100 applications by so many amazing, highly qualified people! I would be so fortunate to get to work with any of you! Below is my attempt to answer all of your questions and create a second round application that will help me find the best candidates for this very specific position. Please read thoroughly below before filling out the application to make sure that it is a good fit for you.

Once you start the application, you cannot save your progress. Before beginning, please prepare everything here:

  1. Read and understand the job description: 
    • This is a part-time job. I expect to be able to offer 8-12 hours per week to you, including teaching and a short weekly meeting to go over lesson plans. 1-2 additional hours building up resources and curriculum development may be available.
    • Teaching schedule: You will have some flexibility with setting your schedule this summer, but once it is set, you will not be able to change it and will be expected to teach every week from September 2023-May 2024 besides half of Thanksgiving week and one week around Christmas. Students are based in the US and daylight savings time is observed, so you will need to be able to accommodate that.
    • Contract Dates: September 2023-May 2024. This is a part-time, remote position. You will be expected to teach every scheduled class within this time. 
    • Prerequisites: Teacher must be extremely high energy. Students only learn well over Zoom if they are excited to see you every day and sad for class to end every day. Teachers must be fluent in both English and Spanish. You will be teaching students over Zoom and be expected to demonstrate your skills using Zoom to be considered for the job. My students describe me as a Zoom wizard and you will need to feel comfortable becoming a fellow Zoom wizard, haha! You will be teaching 100% from my curriculum. Group sizes normally range from 8-14 students per class, so you will need to be able to manage that. Students are split into age groups from 4-year-olds all the way up to 18-year-olds. Each group meets twice per week for 30 minutes per class. You must also be able to speak and teach Latin American Spanish. We do not learn vosotros nor Argentinian vos in this curriculum. You are welcome to teach students fun school appropriate slang and different accents if there are ever a few minutes left at the end of class, but not while teaching your required curriculum. Some understanding of TPRS and CI is a big bonus too! Teacher must also be teaching from a home base. As much as I love digital nomads, I know how unpredictable their internet speeds are having been one myself. I cannot risk my business on a teacher that will not have fast, reliable internet every single day. 
    • Curriculum: Expedition Spanish curriculum is an adaptation and combination of many best teaching practices that experienced teachers should be familiar with. Students begin immersion ‘challenges’ from day one. All teaching is done through partial to full immersion with English explanation when necessary. Year one prioritizes quick acquisition of the basics followed by the ‘Super 7’ verbs through thematic units. Year two advances these skills through more thematic units and moves into deeper immersion, intermediate skills and more past tenses. Years 3+ continue this advancement. Very little time is spent explicitly teaching grammar, but there are times when it is worth mentioning through ‘mini-lessons’ that certain types of learners may want to explore more outside of class through extra practice materials that I provide. TPRS and Comprehensible Input are baked into everything.
    • Pay: To be determined. I hope to pay at least $35 USD per hour. I will pay you as much as I possibly can based on how many students register for your fall groups. Students get to choose if they will continue classes in the spring semester (January-May). A bonus may be available if you make classes so fun that very few students drop classes for the spring! 
    • Class prep: All curriculum materials will be provided to you digitally and do not need to be printed out. We will either meet weekly or I will provide you with a weekly video about the next week’s lesson plans to help you prepare. You will be paid for this time. It is very likely that you will be teaching the same level or possibly two levels in all classes, meaning that you will be repeating the same 2-4 lessons for 8+ hours over and over all week long. This allows you to focus less on the material and more on making things fun and exciting and building student relationships, but may sound boring to some. You will be added to my premium Zoom subscription as well as a few other services. These services and my curriculum can only be used with Expedition Spanish students. You do not have the rights to use any of these materials for your own teaching or private tutoring on the side. Every once in a while, I also have families that ask about private tutoring, I will be happy to send your personal contact info to those families for you to charge and teach on your own, unaffiliated with Expedition Spanish. 
    • Growth and contract renewal:  As long as students love your classes and the families are happy, you will be able to renew again in September 2024! Hopefully I will be able to offer you a pay bump and even more hours as well! 
    • Benefits: Besides your base pay and the possibility of a bonus in 2024, I cannot offer benefits. US citizens are applying for a 1099 position and international applicants are applying for an international contract and must follow their country of citizenship’s tax laws accordingly. 
  2. Prepare two videos before beginning the application. Video descriptions below. You need to use WeTransfer.com to share a link with me to the videos. You can learn how to do that with this two-minute video: https://youtu.be/86hnVeKVhEs
    • Video #1: In English telling your students some exciting facts about your favorite Spanish-speaking place in the whole world! (2-3 minutes)
    • Video #2: In Spanish introducing yourself to your students with a few fun facts about you and why you love teaching (2-3 minutes). Make sure you are speaking clearly and slowly enough so that intermediate students may be able to follow. 
  3. Your internet speeds- Make sure that you are in the space where you plan to teach every day with the device that you will be using. Use speedcheck.org to test your internet speeds. Once the test is complete, take a screenshot of your results including latency, upload and download speeds and reliability. Have this screenshot on your device ready to upload below. I expect you to be honest about testing this from the same space with the same network and device that you plan to teach with. Slow, unreliable internet will destroy my business’s reputation, so this is so important. 
  4. A screenshot of your device info. This must include the year, make and model of the device that you will be using to teach as well as the operating system version. Again, I know this is a lot but I need to protect my business. 
  5. Your resume– optional on the last round but required now. 
  6. All applications are due by March 15. Anyone that submits these round two applications after that date will not be considered for the job. 

I know that this was a lot of info and I appreciate you taking the time to read it! I know that I may have come off as very stern. I am very anxious about hiring someone and just want to make sure that I find someone to make my fast-growing business even better! If hired, we will work closely together and have a lot of fun and you will get to be a part of a very fast growing business with tons of potential in the future! I am excited to see your videos and start interviews soon 😀


After hitting submit, please be patient while your files upload. Do not exit until you receive the success message. You will also receive an email saying that your application submission was successful.