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Week 26:
Jonas y Su Perro
'Nunca he' Videos
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Young Old Button

Instrucciones: Use the buttons below to choose the correct practice activity, depending on if you are in a younger group or an older group.

Younger Video Slide

Instrucciones: Younger students, grab someone in your familia and watch "Jonas y Su Perro" with them, pausing to help them understand what is going on throughout the book!

Younger The End!
For younger students, that's all for this week. Nice Work!
Older Instructions

Instrucciones: Before you press the blue button below, follow these instructions! When you understand the instructions, click on the blue button at the bottom of the screen to make your video.

1. Click guest passsword at the bottom.

2. Enter the password ES12345!
Make sure to capitalize!

3. Click Go. Follow the instructions to submit your video!

Older The End!
That's all for this week. Nice Work!
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