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Week 27:
Classmate Interview Preparation
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Instructions + Image

Instrucciones: All you need to do for this week's Extra Practice is make sure that you have finished filling out YOUR answers on the interview paper so that you are ready for class next week. Remember, make sure that you are only filling out your answers, leave the classmate answers area blank. After you have done that, you can choose to play some of the games from our last few extra practices on the following sides if you want more practice!

Picture Slide Over Quiz

Instrucciones: Now listen to each of the four Spanish conversations using the blue audio buttons below! Each of them goes with one of the images. Can you match all of them? When you are ready, check your answers by sliding the big red circle across each image to reveal the recording letter that it goes with!

Full Screen Game
Full Screen Game
The End!
That's all for this week. Nice Work!
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These Extra Practices take SO much extra time, and we include them free of charge!
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