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Week 31:
Spanish Movie Night!
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Instrucciones: Can you think of a movie that you know so well that you could recite lots of the lines? This should be a movie that you have seen many times! For this week's extra practice, I want you to watch that movie in Spanish! You can use English subtitles, but the audio should be set to Spanish!

So right now, grab your family and make a plan! What movie are you going to watch? When are you going to watch it? This week's practice is the same for all levels, so if you have siblings in other classes, you can watch a movie together! When you have your plan ready to go, come back here and use the different buttons below to open up instructions for how to watch any movie in Spanish!

The End!
That's all for this week. Nice Work!
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These Extra Practices take SO much extra time, and we include them free of charge!
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