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Week 34:
Revista de Verbos y Desafío de Escribir
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Get out this paper

Instrucciones: ¡Saca este papel! Get out this paper! The following quiz is going to ask you to choose which verbs have tú endings, which have yo endings, which have ella, ellos and nosotros endings! Take your time and use your verb chart!

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Instrucciones: Can you come up with some recommendations for people in Spanish! In class, we heard things like Es mejor dormirse temprano para aprender mucho en la clase de español. It's better to go to sleep early to learn a lot in Spanish class. Or Es saludable cepillarse los dientes dos veces al día. It is healthy to brush your teeth twice per day! Can you think of your own! You can write them down on a piece of paper, or just think of some while speaking them out loud.

The End!
That's all for this week. Nice Work!
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